Release Date: June 2, 2015
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1. Intro (That’s Hot)
2. Make Up Your Mind Tonight
3. Teenage Cats
4. 1000 Miles Of Atmosphere
5. Don’t Take Yourself Away (Instant Nostalgia)
6. Not Over You
7. We’re Not Broken Yet
8. I Just So Happen To Believe
9. It’s Really Starting To Snow
10. Small Town Dracula
11. Winter Bird
12. A Special Pride

Produced, mixed, mastered by Steve Bays
Engineered by – Brad Kilpatrick
Additional engineering by Steve Bays & Hawksley Workman
Song assembly Stew Crookes
Recorded at Hawksleytown V (burk’s falls) and Tugboat studio (east Vancouver)
Mixed and mastered at Tugboat studio

Steve bays – synth, keyboard, piano, percussion, banjo
Hawksley Workman – drums, guitar, bass, piano, synth, trumpet
Ryan Dahle – bg vox on ‘It’s Really Starting To Snow’, ‘Winter Bird’, Guitar on ‘1000 Miles Of Atmosphere’, ‘It’s Really Starting To Snow’, ‘Winterbird’, Bass on ‘It’s Really Starting To Snow’
Allan Rodger – Hammond B3 on ‘Small Town Dracula’ and ‘I Just So Happen To Believe’
Megan Bradfield – cello
Gunnar Graewart – piano on ‘Not Over You’

Photo by Jennifer Cavanagh
Design by Ben Cox
Layout by James Mejia