• The God That Comes

    7 Responses to PROJECTS

    1. Marc Mortek

      Will this album also be available on Vinyl as Milk and Meat were. Hoping the answer is YES!!

    2. Julia Truchsess

      Why isn’t this available as an mp3 download? I don’t need any more plastic.

    3. This is an absolutely incredible album. You can truly feel the emotion in each and every song, as the entire album is a shockwave of pure enjoyment. I do hope this show will be coming to Winnipeg, but if it doesn’t, I will just be forced to travel. Thank you Hawksley for making such unique and inspirational music! You are one of the legendary greats!

    4. Saw the show in Halifax last night and was astonished by the depth and breadth of Workman’s authenticity and skill (Bravo). Behold the wildman!

    5. Jim Hyde

      I’ve been listening to this since it was released and I have to say that it has become my favorite Hawksley album. Once I start it, I can’t turn it off. Each song flows into the next like water. Hawksley’s drumming and guitar playing along with his singing are the best he’s ever recorded. The songwriting is, as always, unmatched by anyone. Would love to have it in vinyl (hint hint)

    6. Ian Powell

      Please please please bring this to Winnipeg, my world would be rocked