Symphony Nova Scotia…This Weekend!

Hawksley and Mr. Lonely will be making their orchestral debut on Friday September 30 and Saturday October 1 in Halifax at the Rebecca Cohn Auditorium.  Details can be found here

A one-of-a-kind performance that should not be missed…

5 Responses to Symphony Nova Scotia…This Weekend!

  1. K

    Were either of these performances recorded in some form? (I had hoped one would be recorded for CBC’s Concerts on Demand.) I’d really enjoy hearing some of those arrangements again.

  2. Admin

    You’re not alone! Unfortunately the performance was not recorded.

  3. K

    Well, damn. They’ll just have to invite him back again for another encore performance then. :) I think the conductor would go for that. I attended the Symphony’s upcoming season launch last week, and when the host asked Shalom (sp?) for his highlights of the maritime fusion series, working with Hawksley was the first thing he spoke about.

  4. Admin

    That’s awesome! I heard it was an incredible night…I’m sad I missed it and that we didn’t get a recording!

  5. K

    Hawksley Workman with Symphony Nova Scotia(Live Event)
    by Journeyman Film Company

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