“Tokyo Bicycle” Video Debut (CBC R3)

CBC Radio 3 debuted the new video for Hawksley’s (The Happiest Day I Know Is A) Tokyo Bicycle, by Oscar nominated NFB animator Chris Hinton. Hawksley sat down and answered some questions for the occasion:

“I think conceptually, animation is still something that appeals to the child in a person… it allows us to access that place of imagination and pretend that I think still tickles us…”

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  1. Matheus Velloso
    Matheus Velloso says:

    I wish his music were more known here in Brazil… I may be one of the 15 people around here who knows him…
    I’m kidding, but it’s so hard to find your discs here – and I don’t have an international credit card, so it’s even more dificult to buy, not having access to international stores. As a fan, I feel bad for not giving the support an artist deserves. Anyway, you totally rock!

    Greetings from Brasília, Brazil!

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