The official video for Teenage Cats has just been released!

An Antler and Power production, directed and edited by Steve Bays.

They’re absolutely everywhere…

Old Cheetah (Six Shooter) is available on CD, Vinyl and Digital download here!

Live performance caught on video in a hotel lobby. Berlin.

Small Town Dracula
(a mini movie by Antler & Power)

Starring: Jamie Jordan as Dracula & Cole Hunter Corrigan as Young Dracula
Music: Small Town Dracula, by Hawksley Workman (Old Cheetah, Six Shooter Records)

Thank you to so many businesses in Burk’s Falls ON for providing locations and to both Burk’s Falls ON and Katrine ON for being so beautiful.

Steve Bays: Director, Director of Photography, Editor
Hawksley Workman: Director, Producer, Casting
Sandy McLennan: Tech Support, do-all on set

Antler & Power is Steve Bays and Hawksley Workman

Witness the CBC First Play Live videos, a one-time performance with an ad hoc band of Canada’s untouchable virtuosos: pianist Jonathan Goldsmith, violinist Hugh Marsh and bassist George Koller. Hawksley can’t resist a supergroup, as we know, even if it’s just for a single show.

See the extraordinary results here…

Winter Bird:

We’re Not Broken Yet:

Make Up Your Mind Tonight:

Don’t Take Yourself Away (Instant Nostalgia):

Teenage Cats:

TODAY!  Video for  Hawksley’s new single “Don’t Take Yourself Away (Instant Nostalgia)” has just premiered on !!  This is the first single off of Hawksley’s upcoming record, Old Cheetah.


Hawksley Workman gets all nineteen hundred and eighties with a new video for “Don’t Take Yourself Away (Instant Nostalgia),” the first single from the forthcoming album Old Cheetah, coming June 2, 2015 on Six Shooter Records. Directed by Ken Cunningham, the video captures a type of melancholy and brooding gothic angst that is, weirdly, found in both Wuthering Heights AND The Breakfast Club. Both songwriter and showman, Hawksley Workman is an unpredictable musical force prone to crafting wildly catchy songs that explode fully-formed from a swirling nuclear fusion of cabaret theatricality, glam rock and wantonly pop musical elements.


Award-winning singer-songwriter and multi-instrumentalist Hawksley Workman performed four special sold-out solo shows in the thick of Winter 2012 at The Ship in St. John’s Newfoundland.

Workman delights his audience with a variety of personal and fan favourites spanning his prolific 15 year career, showcasing his signature spectrum of sonic influence, from cabaret to electro-pop to anthemic rock and plenty in between. Filmed by Phil Maloney of Hey Rosetta, the beautiful compilation includes footage of the intimate shows as well as other special musical moments filmed in St. John’s.

The video is on sale now at: Vimeo

Watch the trailer here: Vimeo

A big thank you to Phil and his team for capturing these special performances!!!

Hawksley had the pleasure of playing with Symphony Nova Scotia at the Rebecca Cohn Auditorium in Halifax last fall. Here is No More Named Johnny performed by Hawksley, Mr. Lonely and the symphony.

Video is provided courtesy of Symphony Nova Scotia.

During a break touring Australia in January, Hawksley sat down with Marc Whiteway at Dumbo Feather in Melbourne for an interview.  Hawksley performed acoustic versions of Autumn’s Here and 3 Generations.  Video of the two songs can be found below…please enjoy.

Autumn’s Here

[media id=51 width=480 height=385]

3 Generations

[media id=52 width=480 height=385]