Release Date: October 23, 2020
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1. Dwindling Beauty (let’s fake our deaths together)
2. Around Here
3. Just a Dream
4. Young and Wasted
5. Acid Wash Jeans
6. Tahiti Treat
7. Good Old Fashioned Acid Rain
8. Slow Suicide (by wine)
9. Name the Strays

Less Rage More Tears was produced mixed and recorded by Marcus Paquin at The Bridge in Montreal. Additional production and mixing of ‘Name the Strays’ by Matt Schellenberg in Winnipeg.  drums were recorded by Nick Petrowski and Marcus Paquin at Mixart in Montreal. Mastered by João Carvalho at João Carvalho Mastering. Lacquers cut by Kevin Park Vinyl Mastering. Photography, artwork and design by Steve Bays. Additional design by James Mejia.

All songs written by hawksley workman and marcus paquin, except for 7, 8 written by hawksley workman, steve bays and murray lightburn. Track 1 hw – vocals, drums, piano, mp – piano, bass, tambourine, synths, back vocals. Track 2 hw – synths, bass, vocals, drums, mp – acoustic and electric guitar, synth, glockenspiel, piano, rich brown – bass fills. Track 3 hw – vocals, drums, synths, keys, mp – bass, synths, electric and acoustic guitar. Track 4 hw – acoustic guitar, drums, vocals, percussion, piano, mp – bass, glockenspiel, back vocals, electric guitar, synth, piano. Track 5 hw – synth, percussion, vocals, bass, drums, acoustic guitar, mp – percussion, drums, synth bass, back vocals, electric and acoustic guitar. Track 6 hw – synth, vocals, drums, percussion, bass, mp – synth, electric guitar, percussion. Track 7 hw – vocals, piano, drums, mp – electric guitar, synth organ, piano, steve bays – synth. Track 8 mp – drum programming, electric guitar, steve bays – synth, murray lightburn – electric guitar, bass. Track 9 hw – vocals, mp – drum programming, matt schellenberg – drum programming, guitars, synths