Release Date: November 23, 2003
Purchase: Maple Music


Tonight Romanticize the Automobile
No Reason to Cry Out Your Eyes (On the Highway Tonight)
Even an Ugly Man
Wonderful and Sad
Anger Is Beauty
Dirty and True
No More Named Johnny
Jealous of Your Cigarette
We Will Still Need a Song
No Beginning No End
Smoke Baby
Autumn’s Here
Safe and Sound
Your Beauty Must Be Rubbing Off
Don’t Be Crushed
A House or Maybe a Boat
You Me and the Weather
Cinnamon Girl

Recorded live at Le Splendid, November 23, 2003 in Lille, France. Also contains videos for: No Reason To Cry Out Your Eyes (On The Highway Tonight), We Will Stll Need A Song, Anger As Beauty, No Beginning No End, Jealous Of Your Cigarette, Striptease, No Sissies.