Release Date: August 10, 2010
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1. Animal Behaviour
2. Who Do They Kiss?
3. Google Jesus
4. Devastating
5. We Dance to Yesterday
6. Robot Heart
7. Suicidekick
8. Warhol’s Portrait of Gretzky
9. Stay Drunk and Keep Fucking
10. My Snow Angel
11. Some People
12. Wayside
13. Not Your Parents’ Music
14. Chemical

side A

Animal Behaviour
Who Do They Kiss?
Google Jesus
We Dance to Yesterday
Robot Heart

side B

Warhol’s Portrait of Gretzky
Stay Drunk and Keep Fucking
My Snow Angel
Some People

produced by marten tromm
additional production by stew crookes and hw

recorded in stockholm and toronto at the vanishing point (sweden), the stewdio (toronto), cheryl’s place (toronto). mixed by stew crookes at the stewdio. mastered by phil demetro at the lacquer channel

guitars – marten tromm, hw
bass – marten tromm , hw
drums – marten tromm
synths – marten tromm, hw
programming – marten tromm and stew crookes
feature on ‘some people’ – shad.
feature on ‘suicidekick’ – tosha dash

‘devastating’, ‘my snow angel’, and ‘google jesus’ written by hw and doc; ‘some people’ written by hw, doc, and shad; ‘wayside’ written by hw, doc, ali shaheed muhamad, and jeremy sarkissian; ‘stay drunk and keep fucking’ by hw, doc, and ali shaheed muhamad; ‘we dance to yesterday’, ‘robot heart’, ‘animal behaviour’, ‘who do they kiss?’, ‘warhol’s portrait of gretzky’, and ‘suicidekick’ written by hw and marten tromm.

cd/digital photography by ivan otis. cd/digital artwork and design by james mejia.