about 15 months ago i moved to montreal.  it was a pretty big change from the 5 years in the country, a place i thought that i’d likely moved for good.  i had a truck.  an old skidoo.  i was, if i’m being honest with myself, hiding out. i’ve always struggled with a grim estimation of things.  but it started to feel like a hole being dug deep into cold, hard earth.  aging.  changing.  some long nurtured fears become more and more absurd to water and carry.  it was time to reevaluate what i was clinging to.  what was it i loved?  what was it that i was good at…  even meant to do?  i woke up in my country hideout feeling like i was checking out too early, doubling down on darkness instead of clinging to that sliver of light.  even when my rational mind shouted for everything’s futility, the euphoria of connection and wonder in music never ever ceased.  so i closed down that idyllic little refuge in the woods in favour of energy and work.  i sold everything and moved to montreal.  a city that had beguiled me since my first time there helping a high school girlfriend move to mcgill.  i remember driving along sherbrooke in my parent’s toyota in awe of this strange glowing universe growing up from the ground.  a city older than any i’d ever seen and effortlessly beautiful.  of course i was 18 and had never been anywhere, but montreal seemed like another planet for a kid who’d grown up in rural ontario.

i’d always envied the montreal scene from afar.  the dears ‘end of a hollywood bedtime story’ was a pivotal record for me that stirred thoughts of a sweaty, undulating sexual city heaving in summer.  i reached out to murray lightburn, legendary frontman from ‘the dears’ to help me make a record and he agreed.  i started to write.  winter in montreal is a great place for hunkering down and getting to it.  it’s dark and cold and those two things have a deliberate effect on your focus and inward communication.  murray and i made a record.  it took a bit.  we had a fight or two.  it was because we both really wanted to make something great so we had our knives out and never put them away. sleeping one eye up, we protected the flame.  at the end of it all there was a record that knocked me on my ass.  it was me in a way i hadn’t heard myself in a while.  without all the window dressing.  murray didn’t let me over decorate.  i booked a tour in europe…  i’d been avoiding going back because my ego was afraid to return without being famous there anymore.  but people came out.  singing every song.  i booked a tour in australia.  montreal started the fire again and i was replacing despair with duty. it’s not about ego or getting famous anymore.  it’s about creating honest connection in a world that seeks to interrupt it.  singing and writing feel strangely more pure and more political all at once.  community and people.  the importance of a song.  the clouds of fear have always been there.  as far back as i can remember.  damn them.  in the 80s it was reagan and gorbachev and rainy bus rides to school, looking out the window wondering when the bombs were going to drop.  how, almost 40 years later, does fear still hold such enormous sway?  i’m not saying i’ve mastered this…  i doubt i ever will… this new record is a lot of looking back.  remembering innocence.  not lost, but misplaced.  like keys.  always there but sometimes hidden.  this is where i’m plugging in.  ugliness and depravity are always loudly carrying on.  and it’s not that i choose not to listen, i do…  beauty screams too, but it’s a quiet scream.  we will still need a song.  something i wrote so many years ago…  certainly not as a battle cry but as a pleading attempt to remind myself to believe it.  to reach past not caring and not engaging.  to write and to sing in the face of the dull roar of ugliness and despair.  i feel like i believe it more truly than ever at the moment.  i’m grateful for my voice in this world…  as small and insignificant as it may be.  one tiny voice becomes a thousand.  we are all one in the light.  i’m so excited for you to hear the new songs.  today i give you the first song. battlefords.  i’m ever grateful for your ears and hearts.  i’m ever grateful for these years together.

Today Hawksley released a new song titled ‘Battlefords’.

Says Workman of the new track, “‘Battlefords’ is a piece of Canadian nostalgia, celebrating life in rural Canada in the 1980s, and the emotion and innocence that was specific to a quasi-technological time in the late 20th century.”


For our friends in France, Belgium, Switzerland, you can find the song HERE by Rupture Records!

Battlefords, out Friday October 26th…

We are excited to share that Hawksley will be touring Australia again in November 2018!  He will also be showcasing at Australian Music Week – details can be found here!


Wed 31st October: Camelot Lounge – Marrickville (NSW)Tickets

Thurs 1st November: The Brass Monkey – Cronulla (NSW)Tickets

Sat 3rd November: Hardys Bay Club – Hardys Bay (NSW) – Tickets

Sat 10th November with Diesel: St. Andrew’s Anglican Church – Cronulla (NSW)Tickets

Thurs 15th November: The Fyrefly – St Kilda (VIC) – Tickets 

Fri 16th November: Spotted Mallard – Brunswick (VIC) – Tickets

Sat 17th November: Stag & Hunter – Newcastle (NSW) – Tickets

Sun 18th November: Dangar Island Bowling Club – Dangar Island (NSW) – Free Event

We are excited to announce that Hawksley will be performing his first Almost a Full Moon annual Christmas show in Toronto this December.  He will also be returning to Huntsville, Ontario for a hometown show and to Avening Hall for a very special night!

Second shows have been added in Toronto and Huntsville!

Friday December 14th @ Avening Hall, Creemore, ON – SOLD OUT

Saturday December 15th 4:00pm @ Trinity United Church, Huntsville ON – Tickets

Saturday December 15th 7:00pm @ Trinity United Church, Huntsville ON – SOLD OUT

Sunday December 16th 4:00pm @ The Great Hall, Toronto – Tickets

Sunday December 16th 8:00pm @ The Great Hall, Toronto – SOLD OUT

Monday December 17th @ The Great Hall, Toronto – SOLD OUT



don’t push summer away just yet. fall is persuasive, but it’s locked its keys in the car and is fiddling with a bent coat hanger in the drive. let’s hit snooze on it, roll over and keep dreaming. these seasons rotate through like they’re the boss. knocking around our emotions and poking at our love. or maybe you’re one of those who hangs on for what’s brisk. fed up with being hammered by the patter of radiation. ok. i’ll admit, i’m just a little excited about the rusty parade of autumn. a flugel horn of falling leaves and a coronet song of cool breeze, an ache in the bushes and relief in the trees. truth is, we’re not the masters here. we’re tattooed with the drama of the season’s comings. the corn is sweet and the tomatoes captured in amber. we drag our feet into winter. we ride the cycles. again we submit. in the winter, submittens. there’s a song for all of this. and coffee perks uniquely for each new angle of the sun. we’re going to be fine sweetie. we’re going to be fine. it’s been a while for the thatched roof. it’s been a while for the sod shanty. it’s been a while for the stone outhouse and it’s been a while for the timber truss. our bones glued together, heartbreak after heartbreak, we still know how to love. and we ride the wheel of this movement. bless this holding on. bless this letting go. bless our mutual willingness. bless the bruises and bless the heal. the fields wave and we wave back. summer, autumn, winter, fall… we’ve seen and been conquered by them all. let’s sing a song together over some bitter, distilled twig pot. love to all… may you all be overthrown by the beauty of the moment you stand in. hw.

“Whether caterwauling through “You and Me and the Weather”, moaning low like Robert Plant, or barking orders to an anonymous plaything in “Striptease”, Workman not only possesses chrome-plated pipes, but the style to use them.” – Pitchfork


“stunning songs filled with sublime hooks and clever wordplay…enough to convince the world of his burgeoning genius…” – The Guardian


We are excited to announce that Hawksley’s seminal album, (last night we were) The Delicious Wolves, will be available for the first time on vinyl on Friday, September 21. The vinyl will be distributed in record stores across Canada by Outside Music and available online here, as well as on upcoming tour dates. The record will have an exclusive early release during Hawksley’s European/UK Tour (dates below).

Hawksley’s self-produced sophomore effort was released on his own indie label, Isadora Records and recorded at his then home studio in Toronto (with additional production and recording by Joao Carvalho). (last night we were) The Delicious Wolves was a breakthrough record for Hawksley in Canada and Europe, spawning the hit radio single Striptease. The LP helped garner two JUNO Awards for Hawksley; Best New Solo Artist, and Best Video for the innovative one-shot “Jealous of Your Cigarette” directed by Sean Turrell. The album also features a guest vocal performance by Sarah Slean on tracks “Old Bloody Orange” and “Dirty and True”.

Says a retrospective Hawksley, “I had just finished up my first record For Him and the Girls and was in a good rhythm with writing and being in the studio.  I anticipated a busy time ahead and thought I’d get right to work on my follow-up record so that it would be ready when needed. There was a little more confidence and a little more swagger, and I was definitely feeling emboldened to reach further into the sexed-up thing that started to emerge on the first record. I was pushing the fuzzy pop-rock side of things with “Striptease” and “Jealous Of Your Cigarette”, but (last night we were) The Delicious Wolves also contained some of my most evolved writing to date. Songs like  “Your Beauty Must Be Rubbing Off”, a song about marriage and death, “No Beginning No End”, inspired by my obsession at the time with the gospel of Thomas, and the apocalypse romp-ballad “Lethal and Young” all added fuel to my burning. I felt like I was really coming into my own as a songwriter.”

Hawksley European/UK Tour dates and ticket links:

09/04 – BergenLille Ole Bull (tickets)

09/05 – OsloCafe Mono (tickets)

09/06 – ManchesterTwisted Wheel + Night People (tickets)

09/07 – GlasgowKing Tuts (tickets)

09/13 – LondonThe Borderline (tickets)

09/15 – ParisLes Etoiles (tickets)


(last night we were) The Delicious Wolves Tracklist

  1. Striptease
  2. Jealous of Your Cigarette
  3. You, Me and the Weather
  4. Little Tragedies
  5. What a Woman
  6. Your Beauty Must Be Rubbing Off
  7. Old Bloody Orange
  8. Clever Not Beautiful
  9. No Beginning No End
  10. Dirty and True
  11. Lethal and Young

We are excited to announce that Hawksley will be performing some select solo shows in Europe and the UK this September!

Tickets are on sale now!

September 4 @ Lille Ole Bull, Bergen (tickets)
September 5 @ Cafe Mono, Oslo (tickets)
September 6 @ Night People & The Twisted Wheel, Manchester (tickets)
September 7 @ King Tuts, Glasgow (tickets)
September 13 @ The Borderline, London (tickets)
September 15 @ Les Etoiles, Paris (tickets)





Old ape arms turns 43… with a back drop of sky that’s both bright and gloom… just like me. It’s been a little while since I’ve felt the energy of purpose… but I’ve found it again. Work and clarity are back in blossom. 2 records written, and the music feels special and true. When you’re a kid, work’s a dirty word… now it’s a blessing. Montreal has been a most welcome, spirit enlivening move. I’ve caught a wind there, and have met the warmest and loveliest talented kooks, who, in turn have opened their hearts to me. The complications of old versions of happiness slowly being replaced by deceptively new, simple ones. A swim. A bike ride. A clever verse/chorus change. A run. Nephews. Cats. My love. It’s now, mostly always enough. Here’s to marching forth on this March 4th… with the pride and excitement of a couple pockets full of great, new songs, a new city to fall in love with spring over, some already planned visits to far flung places, wireless headphone walks to the studio and the sharpest images of gratitude for all the folks who’ve continued to listen and support me through these last, nearly 20 years… your dedication seems all the more rarified and wild given the times… Many thanks. and with a bit of a wizend heart and eyes worn by what time allows you to see, I’m more thankful for everything you’re supposed to be more thankful for, but sometimes just forget. I plan to try and remember more. Wishing you peaceful hearts and quiet illuminated minds… h.

there was snow up the mountain the other day.  elevation and wind.  it’s funny what the trees beckon for, but they do.  some leaves, still green holding on.  holding out.  others, graciously yellow and brown.  grateful for the rest, they lay glopped in prickly frost.  the biting torment blowing north south, i rounded east on saint-viateur to find a forgiving calm.  always being reminded of our smallness.  always being reminded of its bigness.  it’s a constant remembering and forgetting and remembering.  lost in my own thoughts of importance and then rattled into remembering.  i felt my heart pounding.  the cold is something the kid remembers.  wonderous.  the dreams that snow allow.  the fantasy of the nearly eternal sleep.  yes you rest.  and heal.  but you also secretly plot.  to come out the other end better.  more ready to love.  more ready to heed.  to recognize when to gently relax into the fury.  the cold packs a misery so perfect as to be uncaring of the skin to which it clings.  the mind is charitable.  having politely allowed me to forget what this darkness really means to bring.  but i’m beginning to feel ready.  i’m also going to try some sneaky defiance.  i’m going to hunker in studios and make music this winter.  so when the buds starts to sprout, i’ll have some greening peas to share.  i’m feeling excited.  i like this city’s undulations.  i’m a newbie.  and i’m being warned of a less than friendly winter ahead.  and cities have a way of testing your love.  or at least your affections.  am i the willing suitor or is it?  i guess that’s what makes it interesting.  double steeples and a mountain for climbing.  and all the age a building can stand to bare.  new songs.  new thoughts.  new reasons to celebrate.  new reminders to love and care.  to maybe even extend a little warmth to my own inner voices that i so often allow to speak to my softness with such unkindness.  as these days grow short let’s let our love grow long.  blessings from saint-urbain.  a southbound throughway…  that quiets by midnight and rages again at 6.  to the airplanes landing mostly east to west and to the street artists continuing the conversation in bold colour and lines.  thank you and see you out there.  i look forward to the sharing of our voices and hearts.  h.