Hawksley Workman and Mr. Lonely are going to Australia… Woodford Folk Festival and other dates below!

note from hw

where i’m from it’ll be snowing.  the bears will be at rest.  the chickadees will sing their winter song. cars will be stuck in driveways, and neighbours will help push them out.  chimney smoke will breathe into crisp blue skies.  the fox will forge and deer will nibble the last of the buds.  the huts will cover the lakes. where i’m from it’ll be snowing and cold…  but i’ll be down where the summer is alive and the waves are licking the shore.  see you soon.

Hawksley Workman Australia Tour Dates.

Thursday December 27th to Tuesday January 1st
Woodford Folk Festival Details Here!

Friday January 4th 2013
Melbourne VIC at Northcote Social Club

Saturday January 5th 2013
Sydney NSW at The Basement

Sunday January 6th 2013
Cronulla NSW at Brass Monkey