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    Canadian Blast & The Local Present’ Hawksley Workman w/ Think About Life & Elephant Stone

    Milk/Meat is now available throughout Europe and to celebrate, Hawksley is playing in London on June 30 at Club 229 (large room) with Think About Life and Elephant Stone. Get your tickets HERE.     Tickets now available only at door.

    Hawksley on Meat / Milk & Canadians Abroad

    In fitting with the theme of Hawksley’s Canadian-themed show in London, UK, here is a video of Hawksley discussing tracks on the album, Canadian embassies abroad, and touring the world through the lense of someone who grew up in rural Ontario.

    Interview: Backstage Pass with Hawksley

    Below is an extensive three part interview by Matt Schichter of The Backstage Pass with Hawksley discussing the process behind Meat/Milk and the records that preceded it, his view on trends in music & the industry in Canada, Europe & The USA, and the evolution of his career with plenty of interesting asides along the way. Double click to see larger version.

    Stream: Not Your Parents’ Music

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    Meat & Milk: The Food of Love (London Free Press)

    “If music really is the food of love, Hawksley Workman’s new albums are the way to go.”  Says Darryl Sterdan, London Free Press.

    Hawksley describes how Meat–a rougher, darker, “in the muck” sounding affair–was made in two weeks in the confines of his own home while the lighter and cheerier Milk was an unplanned accident that came about during Workman’s time in Sweden.

    “It happened totally by accident. Meat was in the can, and I was busy doing stuff and all of a sudden there was a second record staring me in the face.”

    Hawksley goes on to describe what motivates him to keep re-inventing:

    “We’re really concentrating on the new material. We’ve probably played older stuff like Striptease 500 times, so we’re really inspired to play these tunes.”

    “We all know that the way to get rich is to serve the same hamburger the same way the world over. But it’s just not something I’m capable of doing.”

    Read the interview in its entirety here

    In Studio: Hawksley Workman (National Post)

    Hawksley discusses the impact timing and life events have on the final product during studio sessions and performs a song each from Meat & Milk.  See the original article in The National Post here

    Stream: Wayside

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    PURCHASE: Hawksley Workman - Wayside - Single or sixshooterrecords.com

    Stream: Animal Behaviour

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    PURCHASE: Hawksley Workman - Animal Behaviour - Single or sixshooterrecords.com

    Stream: Devastating

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    PURCHASE: Hawksley Workman - Devastating - Single or sixshooterrecords.com

    CBC Concerts On Demand: Concerts On Demand: Hawksley @ The Winspear Centre in Edmonton

    “If you have seen Hawksley Workman just once then you haven’t seen Hawksley Workman.” – CBC Radio 2.  Listen to Hawksley Workman live at the Windspear in Edmonton