Hawksley Workman: CBC First Play Live!

Witness the CBC First Play Live videos, a one-time performance with an ad hoc band of Canada’s untouchable virtuosos: pianist Jonathan Goldsmith, violinist Hugh Marsh and bassist George Koller. Hawksley can’t resist a supergroup, as we know, even if it’s just for a single show.

See the extraordinary results here…

Winter Bird:

We’re Not Broken Yet:

Make Up Your Mind Tonight:

Don’t Take Yourself Away (Instant Nostalgia):

Teenage Cats:

Old Cheetah – Record Release Day!

Old Cheetah is OUT!

Six Shooter Records
iTunes USA

And a video.  Happy record release day!

Old Cheetah! Stream available on Exclaim!

We are very excited to partner with Exclaim.ca to bring you a stream of OLD CHEETAH!

A record preview and stream can be found here!


Hawksley Workman
‘Old Cheetah’ (album stream)

By Alex Hudson,
Published May 25, 2015
In the last couple of years, Canadian songwriter Hawksley Workman has branched out by drumming with his supergroup Mounties and touring his “one-man cabaret” The God That Comes. Now, he’s back to emphasizing his solo career, and with Old Cheetah due out on June 2 through Six Shooter Records, Exclaim! has got the stream of the entire album.

The 12-song effort is theatrical and ambitious. Workman’s signature eclecticism shines brightly on songs like “1000 Miles of Atmosphere,” a nine-and-a-half-minute prog epic that’s stuffed with syncopated rhythms, star-dazzled synth twinkles and unpredictable sonic shifts.

Although not every song is quite that wildly sprawling, Workman never goes on autopilot and proves that even an old cheetah can learn new tricks. The style range from the falsetto-flecked soul of “Teenage Cats” to the piano-driven space-rock anthem “We’re Not Broken Yet,” to the salt-of-the-earth folk of “It’s Really Starting to Snow” and the cabaret psych of “Small Town Dracula.”

It’s a lot to absorb, so dive into the ambitious Old Cheetah below.

Workman has a series of summer concerts lined up, and you can see those here. You can also pre-order the album here.

Old Cheetah, We’re Not Broken Yet – RELEASED!

“We’re Not Broken Yet”, the latest song from Hawksley’s upcoming record Old Cheetah (June 2, Six Shooter Records) as been released!

It’s available NOW on iTunes!



Summer Festival Announcements!

Exciting LIVE SHOW news…  Hawksley has been announced for the following Summer 2015 festivals!

Kingston – Rockin’ the Square
Saturday June 12 @ Springer Market Square, 8:00pm
Free Event!

Beaumont AB – Beaumont Blues and Roots Festival
Sunday June 21 @ Four Seasons Park, 7:00pm

Ottawa Blues Festival
Friday July 10 @ Lebreton Flats, 9:00pm

Vancouver Folk Music Festival
July 17-19 (full schedule to come!) @ Jericho Beach Park

Calgary Folk Music Festival
Friday July 24 @ Prince’s Island Park

Interstellar Rodeo – Winnipeg
Friday August 14th @ The Forks


Happy Summer!!

Pre-order Hawksley’s New Record “Old Cheetah”

Hawksley’s new record, Old Cheetah is now available for pre-order on iTunes and at Six Shooter Records …you’ll also get an instant download of the first single, “Don’t Take Yourself Away (Instant Nostalgia)”.

Pre-order Hawksley's latest record, Old Cheetah.

Pre-order Hawksley’s latest record, Old Cheetah.


Don’t Take Yourself Away (Instant Nostalgia) – Video Release!

TODAY!  Video for  Hawksley’s new single “Don’t Take Yourself Away (Instant Nostalgia)” has just premiered on Exclaim.ca !!  This is the first single off of Hawksley’s upcoming record, Old Cheetah.


Hawksley Workman gets all nineteen hundred and eighties with a new video for “Don’t Take Yourself Away (Instant Nostalgia),” the first single from the forthcoming album Old Cheetah, coming June 2, 2015 on Six Shooter Records. Directed by Ken Cunningham, the video captures a type of melancholy and brooding gothic angst that is, weirdly, found in both Wuthering Heights AND The Breakfast Club. Both songwriter and showman, Hawksley Workman is an unpredictable musical force prone to crafting wildly catchy songs that explode fully-formed from a swirling nuclear fusion of cabaret theatricality, glam rock and wantonly pop musical elements.

Hawksley at Ottawa Blues Fest 2015

We are excited to announce that Hawksley will be playing Ottawa Blues Fest this summer, Friday July 10th!  Details on the festival line-up and tickets can be found here!

Old Cheetah Album Trailer

New Hawksley Workman album, Old Cheetah, coming June 2, 2015 on Six Shooter Records.

The God That Comes – Victoria and Regina!

We are so happy to announce that The God That Comes will be coming to both Victoria and Regina this year!

VICTORIA - Spark Festival 2015 @ Belfry Theatre (1291 Gladstone St., Victoria, BC)

Dates: Tues March 17 to Sat March 21 (8:00pm)
Tickets can be found here!

REGINA - Artisean on 13th (2627 13th Avenue, Regina, SK)

Dates: Wed April 1 to Sat April 4 (8:00pm)
Tickets can be found here!